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Rules You Need To Know When You Play Roulette Online


Play Roulette Online - Introduction

To play roulette online is one of the most fascinating things one can do. Most players have started to play roulette online due to its simple rules, high payouts as well as exciting gameplay. When it comes to gambling Malaysia has very interesting laws which govern online gambling and other forms of betting. Australia hasn't entertained betting and has only very few betting casinos. The government has restricted access to various websites offering online betting. If you have never played roulette before and you have intentions of getting started, then you need to first understand the rules to ensure you are well prepared for this amazing experience. You will have to visit the page for the roulette you are intending to play in order to find all the rules and regulations of this casino.

Summary of how to play roulette online

The roulette game comprises a wheel with a variety of numbered and colored sections, with a table which is set aside for players to place their bets. The wheel contains numbers ranging from one to thirty-six and each of them is colored either red or black. The zero slot is colored green. Some roulettes like the Genting Highlands one contains two zero pockets colored green. To get started you will be required to pick your chip value and click on the table so as to place your bets. If you are playing an RG variant, you will be required to click the spin and observe the ball spin round the wheel until it settles on the winning number. If you are playing online roulette the croupier will start the ball and signify that no other bets are allowed. Immediately the winning number is identified and all the winners are paid out then the next game round will commence.

Categories of Bets and their payouts

Playing roulette online provides you with a variety of betting options. Here when it comes to placing your bet you can choose single numbers or multiple numbers. Every bet has its own unique odds and a different payout. The bets you place are classified into three categories, that is inside, outside and announced bets.

Inside Bets

These are bets involving the placement of numbers on the roulette table. Their winning odds are relatively lower when compared to both outside and announced bets.

Outside Bets

Outside bets are opposite of inside bets since they are placed on areas which are beyond the numbers reach. Most of these bets include multiple numbers and your chances of winning are higher.

Announced Bets

These are special bets which can be found on all the roulette. By gaining access to the racetrack you will have easier and quicker access to these kinds of bets.


The above are some of the guidelines required for one to play roulette online at any casino. Playing online offers the players a variety of bets to choose from as well as the categories of online casinos to engage in. Familiarizing yourself with each one of them will boost your winning chances.